Classes are booked in small blocks (usually 6 or 7 week terms) and paid for in advance, which work out at £5.50 per class.

Providing there is space on your class, you can join the class at any point in the term and pay for the remaining number of classes.


Simply select the class you would like to book and follow the instructions.

Class Fees & Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions carefully. By signing up for a Let’s Play Dance class you will be asked to agree with these Terms & Conditions as part of the Class Booking process. A booking cannot be made unless you agree with these Terms & Conditions.


Refund Policy

If you have any problems, issues or complaints, please contact Miss Emma on 07969245614 or via email on MissEmma@LetsPlayDance.co.uk. Miss Emma is will be more than happy to help you.


It is normal for some children to take at least four to five classes before they become comfortable with their new teacher, Miss Emma. They also need time to get comfortable with the new class surroundings and socialising with new children.


Class Fees are non-refundable unless authorisation has been given from Miss Emma, in which case the refund is at Miss Emma’s discretion. There will be an administration fee of £5 charged on all refunds.


Unfortunately, refunds cannot be offered due to personal circumstances of the pupil. All efforts will be made to try and find an alternate class (for the same age) at a different venue subject to availability.


There may be instances when it is necessary for Let’s Play Dance to cancel a class at short notice. If this is the case an email will be sent out containing the details. Please make sure your details are up to date on the registration form. A replacement class will be offered wherever possible. In instances where we cancel a class without replacement a full refund will be issued.



Please ensure your child is wearing comfortable clothing with hair tied back and no jewellery. We have a selection of uniforms and ballet shoes available and these will be on display to view at your class should you be interested.  During your first class please remove pupil’s shoes and socks in order for your child to dance in bare feet.

Parents/Career and Sibling Etiquette

Throughout the class Children and grown-ups participate together. (Ages 4 Months to 3 Years Classes). There will be times when your little one will not want to join in a particular activity. I encourage grown-ups to continue the activity where possible in order to keep exercise flowing for the other little ones and avoid distractions.


As your child develops in independence (ages 3.5 plus), guardians are required to stay at the premises during the class and take responsibly for care needs such as trips to the toilet. To ensure little stars get the most out of classes it is paramount that grown-ups and siblings sit quietly in the hall to ensure that children can concentrate fully and that there are no distractions for the children. I would prefer that siblings not joining in don’t come along to class however I understand this is not always possible.


Mobile Phones

Please either turn mobile phones off or put on silent mode.


Photography and digital recording during class

Photography and digital recording is strictly prohibited during all Let’s Play Dance classes.


On occasions Let’s Play Dance will take photos and videos for promotional reasons for use on Facebook, website (www.LetsPlayDance.co.uk) and other advertising purposes such as leaflets and posters.


Please arrive a few minutes early to be ready to start the class on time. Please do wait outside the class when there is another class in progress.

Food and Drink

Please bring water or light-coloured drink for your child but no food or snacks allowed to be eaten at the venue please.


Emergency Procedures

In the event of an emergency it may be necessary for the emergency services to be contacted on the behalf of your child.

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