Our Philosophy

Whether your little one learns from watching, listening or jumping straight in! We have got you covered!

Why choose Let’s Play Dance?

Supporting developing bodies and minds

This nurturing and inspiring dance programme is the first of its kind in the UK to use the combination of dance and play to actively target the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of the whole child.

The Let’s Play Dance Philosophy 

We focus not simply on the moves that your child can do, but the person that your child will become. Creating a nurturing community full of positive energy and vocabulary is key.


Let’s Play Dance classes ensure that children look deeper into understanding movements and given licence to be free to be creative. Movement vocabulary is introduced simply through games and activities that enable little ones to gain a deeper understanding about why and how they can move. Your little one will be able to practice and use far more high functioning thinking skills that will ensure a thirst for life-long learning.


Dance and music is such a natural process and I feel that all children should have access to a quality dance education. Our programme is so carefully designed that it meets the needs of each and every child. Whether your little one learns from watching, listening or jumping straight in! We have got you covered!!

Learning Through Play

Children learn best through play – exploring, making their own discoveries and having opportunities to practice! Movement and response to music is a natural form of play for our little ones!

Bringing Communities Together

 Our Mission at Let’s Play Dance is to bring communities together by providing a welcoming & nurturing environment where your little ones will be inspired to develop a thirst for learning and a life-long love for dance.

Learning in a Safe Nurturing Environment

Children need a secure attachment with their primary caregiver in order to develop! Let's Play Dance Classes are built on this very foundation. All activities provide opportunities for enjoyment, loving touch and cuddles. You will find a welcoming community at your class where positive language and actions will be modelled.

Nurturing for Little Ones and Grown-Ups

For You… I understand that it can be daunting joining a new group. I promise this is a very welcoming and relaxed class. The class is structured in a way that provides clear direction throughout. You will know exactly what to do and where to be. Come and meet other parents and carers and know that they are too looking after little ones and facing the same joys and challenges that this brings! Come along and learn about what to look out for during each step of development! Learn some tricks to encourage your little one on to their tummy and settle with a gentle nursery rhyme at bed time.


Come and enjoy a curriculum-based, structured class that has been developed to ensure fun, play, bonding, relaxation and learning. Sensory props, nursery rhymes, play, music and Dance are used to support the growth and development of your baby.
Your LPD Explorers Class uses dance, music and play to stimulate your little ones senses and help them make sense of their bodies and the larger world around them. Come and enjoy a curriculum-based, structured class that has been designed to engage and inspire your little dancer to move whilst developing a secure attachment with you, their grown-up!
A relaxed and nurturing introduction to dance and music concepts for little independent dancers. Learn how to communicate thoughts and feelings about movement. Through a Multi-Sensory approach, that uses nursery rhymes, inspiring music, instruments, stories, games and props growing dancers will develop control of their body, strengthen muscles and improve balance.  
Your little dancer will be inspired to develop an understanding about their bodies and the world around them through the exploration of props, interesting music, fun games and stories. Discover a way to communicate feelings as well as key dance vocabulary. A true foundation in dance and music!!

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