Come and enjoy a curriculum-based, structured class, developed to ensure fun, play, bonding, relaxation and learning. Sensory props, nursery rhymes, play, music and Dance are used to support the growth and development of your baby.
Your LPD Explorers Class uses dance, music and play to stimulate your little ones senses and help them make sense of their bodies and the larger world around them. Come and enjoy a curriculum-based, structured class, designed to engage and inspire your little dancer to move whilst developing a secure attachment with you, their grown-up!
Your little dancer will be inspired to develop an understanding about their bodies and the world around them through the exploration of props, interesting music, fun games and stories. Discover a way to communicate feelings as well as key dance vocabulary. A true foundation in dance and music!!
A relaxed and nurturing introduction to dance and music concepts for little independent dancers. Learn how to communicate thoughts and feelings about movement. Through a Multi-Sensory approach, that uses nursery rhymes, inspiring music, instruments, stories, games and props growing dancers will develop control of their body, strengthen muscles and improve balance.  
Intellidance® Tots offers a lively environment for independent movers and their caregivers, to experience the joy of dance and movement together. Kids love to figure things out, and this class will provide opportunities to problem solve together. Discover and explore movement concepts, while gaining balance, flexibility, and co-ordination. Animated story telling, songs and rhymes, instruments, props, and simple choreography will add fun and excitement!
Creeping, crawling, walking, bouncing! Your little one is now moving and exploring the world like never before. With busy little ones in mind Intellidance® Tykes will continue to focus on nurturing gross motor, emotional and social development, through movement concepts, circle dances, free exploration, songs and rhymes, and sensory activities. Caregivers will delight in watching their little ones curiosity and joy making friends and socializing with others.
Come and learn how dance, music, and play can nurture early neural development, while strengthening the caregiver-baby bond! Each week will introduce a new development topic to help you understand how to support your baby's growth. Dance and music concepts will be introduced through circle dances, free exploration, songs and rhymes, and sensory activities that help foster your baby's cognitive, emotional, and physical health. Caregivers will delight in watching their little ones grow and learn while making friends and socializing with others.

Moving To Learn

As well as fun and inspiring - classes specifically target all areas of child development. 


Learn how pioneering research into movement and the development of brain pathways is used at class to support your little ones learning. 

Emotional Development

- confidence

Physical Development

-balance, co-ordination and body awareness

Early Language and Communication Skills

Cognitive Development

(Thinking Skills)

Social Development

December Topic:

Elf School

Our Parented Classes

(Grown-up participation) babies and young children 3 months to 4 years!

Come along and learn alongside your little one! Classes provide a lovely opportunity for you to spend time bonding and sharing the joys that music and dance will bring you and your little one. As your little dancer grows, classes change with them to ensure they are developmentally perfect.

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